B'dari - 18 June 2021

B'dari Design Contest

AZ Homefix Plt is a leading online/offline distributor and retailer of household products. In August 2020, our company launched the DTC collection to promote environmental protection, we believe DTC will:

  • help reducing the usage of plastic containers and bags
  • improve food safety as not all plastics are safe
  • make take-out a fashionable and trendy thing to do

We are excited to launch this DTC design contest, to welcome more brilliant design ideas from the public, the followings are the details of the contest:

Contest Prize

  • 1st Place - RM 1000
  • 2nd Place - RM 500
  • 3rd Place - RM 200
  • Consolations prizes for 5 contestants - Free gift of a B’dari brand DTC each

Contest Criteria

Contestants are required to submit an image with detailed description of the design in digital format. The image dimension is 16cm (Length) x 44cm (Width). There is no limit on the creation; however, contestants may take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Malaysian aspect
  • NanYang aspect
  • Environmental protection aspect
  • Food take-out culture

Terms & Conditions

  • The creation has to be genuine and original
  • AZ Homefix Plt will be granted by the contestants unconditionally the right to use the images for commercial purposes


  • Submission - 31st July, 2021
  • Judging date - 15th August, 2021
  • Winner’s announcement - 1st September, 2021
  • Prizes giving date/ceremony - Around mid-September


  • Person In Charge - Mr. Anson Lai
  • Phone No. - 010-275 8288
  • Email - azhomefix@gmail.com