BDARI Showcases art with its designer tiffin carriers

BDARI Showcases art with its designer tiffin carriers

On August 9th, 2022, BDARI showcases its ‘Art on Tiffin Carrier’ exhibition as one of the world’s first collaboration between a lunchbox specialist and a select group of talented local artists. The one-of-a-kind platform display aims to elevate the typical tiffin carrier to a work-of-art as well as educating the general public on the detrimental effects of pollution – hence promoting an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

According to a WWF Malaysia report, Malaysians had, on average, produced approximately 22kg per capita plastic packaging waste per year. Of the 380 million metric tons of plastic produced globally each year, around half is designed to only be used once, and then discarded. “Malaysia has the highest annual per capita plastic use per person compared to China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.” said Mr. David Low, Co founder and Managing Director of BDARI. “The popular ‘Tapau’ culture of our country is the major contributor of plastic waste problems. For example, a Laksa noodle with soup takes up to 5 different single-use plastic bags, one for the noodles, one for the soup, plus wooden chopsticks packed in plastic, and a separate small bag of chili, then a larger bag to hold them all”, he added on. BDARI carries out a mission to promote “Bring Your Own Container (BYOC)” and packed lunch lifestyles. Its designer tiffin carriers are an alternative solution to single-use plastics. The classic tiffin carrier is typically a multitiered bowl held together with a wooden bracket.

Nowadays, this has evolved to stainless steel containers with colourful stickers decorating them. BDARI has collaborated with local artists to further elevate this concept.

The artists were able to create inspired works-of-art from a generic tiffin carrier. The artists were given full liberty to express their artistic nuances through their work. From 3D printed alterations, to wool encasing, to beautifully painted carriers, the artists have certainly proven that these tiffin carriers are more than just lunchboxes, but actually statement pieces – “Saving the environment doesn’t have to be boring”. The showcase, which is currently being held at the ground floor centre court of the 1 Utama Shopping Centre, is in itself a minimalistic platform display. The tiffin carriers are presented on white pedestal columns with a large ocean themed backdrop.

Emphasizing the concept of beauty within the norm, BDARI hopes that this gesture of incorporating art within something as ordinary as a metal food container will draw more attention to its efforts in instilling awareness of how single-use plastic usage can be reduced by adopting a BYOC culture. On top of creating the awareness, the art pieces on display are also up for sale. Proceeds from the sale would then be equally distributed between the artists and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). The MNS promotes the conservation of Malaysia’s natural heritage which closely aligns with BDARI’s overall aim of creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

For any media inquiries, kindly contact Mr Shahrel Yusoff, Marketing Manager of BDARI at 011-5410 5514, or email