BDARI Cutlery Set - Blue Ceramic

What is one of the most important things when eating? Cutlery of course! This cutlery set comes with a Portuguese-style spoon and fork set together with a pair of chopsticks. It is made from stainless steel to ensure it lasts. The box that comes together with it is printed with beautiful designs to make each set personal. You have the option of choosing the printing method:

Vinyl Sticker - Highly durable. The stickers are heatproof, UV proof, waterproof. However hard brushing may cause scratches on the sticker.

UV Print - 3D effect. The stickers are heatproof, UV proof, and waterproof. More durable than vinyl sticker but still susceptible to scratches if hard brushed.

MYR25.00 MYR17.00 SAVE 32%

Personalisation: Not Personalised

Not Personalised

Printing Type: UV Print

UV Print
Vinyl Sticker

We constantly ensure your personalisation looks its best. If you have any special requests (font, framing, logo, etc.) Please feel free to contact us after placing your order.
Bulk discount rates available for purchases of more than 30 units. Contact us for more info!