BDARI Tiffin Carrier - Orange Blue Blossom

Our Tiffin Carriers are made of either Stainless Steel 410 (for Standard Variants) or Stainless Steel 304 (for Premium and Deluxe Variants). The difference in Stainless Steel accounts for its rust resistance. But not to worry as all items are rated to be food safe and durable for up to 2 years.

The sticker adorning the tiffin carriers are made from high-quality vinyl. The same type used for vehicle livery. This makes it heavy-duty, UV and Heat proof, as well as water proof. Though, we would like to caution you as to not use metal scrubs while washing as it is still prone to scratches (as is any other material - nothing is scratchproof, well maybe aside from diamonds 😁). Take care of your tiffin carrier, and it will take care of you.

A short comparison, Standard and Premium variants have the classic iconic look of a typical tiffin carrier. These are suitable for bulk purchases for its value. Deluxe Variant tiffin carriers have a more modern look. They are leak-proof and have heat insulation properties. This means you can keep your soups or any other wet food safe from spillage and the food is also kept warmer for longer periods of time (between 4-6 hours).


Tier: 1 Tier

1 Tier
2 Tiers
3 Tiers

Variant/Size: Premium (Extra Large)

Premium (Extra Large)
Standard (Medium)
Standard (Large)
Premium (Large)
Deluxe (Large)

Personalisation: Not Personalised

Not Personalised

We constantly ensure your personalisation looks its best. If you have any special requests (font, framing, logo, etc.) Please feel free to contact us after placing your order.
Bulk discount rates available for purchases of more than 30 units. Contact us for more info!